Saturday, April 14, 2012


I lost Salem to sickness sometime back. And as my other bunny was looking so forlorn, status quo had to be restored.  Hence, introducing my debutante - Patches. 

Patches is a 4-month-old broken black pedigree Holland Lop.  Yes, she is a high class bunny. 

When I got my first Holland Lop over 5 years ago (RIP, Oreo), there was no such thing as pedigree. I don't think the guy at Pet's Wonderland could even pronounce it. And I got Peanut, my tort American Fuzzy Lop, from a very pedestrian Sunday bazaar in Subang Parade. 

I iz cuteness, iz I not? 
I was surprised to learn that these days, most breeders (and there are now LOTS) sell mostly pedigrees lops now. Pedigree generally means that there is a record of the rabbit's lineage.  Since you can determine its bloodline, it supposes quality but it is of course no guarantee. 

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Still, pedigree is important for serious owners participating at rabbit shows. Yes, there are now rabbit shows in Malaysia too. The latest one was just last week - the 2nd American Rabbit Breeder's Association  (ARBA) Rabbit Show 2012.  Its now turning into a business and it became quickly obvious that not all breeders are pet lovers.  

Stop stalking me already!
Anyway, do not let Patches fool you with her impossible cuteness. She is mischief on 4 paws who would pee on everywhere BUT her litter box.  Peanut is anxious for her to grow up so that she can be her groomer (that lazy git). Peanut is already shoving her nose into Patches' face and she is all WTF.  In anycase, rabbit rearing is serious and my servitude has begun once again.  

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