Saturday, July 22, 2006


My adoration for all dogs is attributed solely to their uncanny ability to cock their heads to one side and stare at you unblinking with their enquiring eyes.
How can you resist something as cute as that?

Its different with Cats . As they invade your favourite armchair, their eyes would narrow to slits to shoot you this look of unadulterated disapproval not unlike an Emperor having to endure the presence of a peasant. This is especially true after Its Highness The Cat has had its dinner and you are the unfortunate thing coming between it and its chosen crib (aka, the aforementioned armchair).

Someone once told me how animals have this ability to tell whether a person is a friend or foe. Maybe that is why cats don't bother wasting their time with me ( unless its an emergency) and why someone like Eric gets mauled by Ah Jin, house dog and terror machine of Jo's in-laws.

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