Monday, May 17, 2010

Distractions with a capital um, D

On another note - i just bought The Clockwork Orange. The book.
Right, where were we. Ah yes, righteous pandering. But that is no fun anymore.
Random old skool MTVs are depressing. Being grown up is boring especially when I catch myself wondering why other people can't be more responsible. Hah! I missed all the warning signs.

An even thinking of perming my hair. That is just friggin wierd. Where did this aunty come from. Do you even know me?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hamster Wheel

The amount of travelling this year has increased leaps and bounds from last year. I guess when the Company said Regional, it didn't really hit me that it would involve dragging my ass over to developing countries.
Can't say that I am disappointed.

Yet, for all the moving around, there are some lessons learnt:
There is no place like home, no duvet like my own and nasi lemak ayam rempah is a national treasure.

And that travelling Malaysians have a very bad habit of complaining. No nation I know of has a people than runs down its own,where nationalistic pride is an exception than the rule. Of course I am generalizing but I bet that if you are Malaysian, I am sure that you would know at least one specimen of this infinitesimal annoying species.

What brought this rant on is one couple I had the misfortune of overhearing at the KLIA terminal the last time I was flying in. I must say that KLIA is one of the better airports around and despite how effective the system that as in place, even THAT still was a point of consternation for this couple.

Anyway, bad vibes aside here is my favorite photo from Bali.