Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Toy

Happiness! Can come in small packages.
And I am grateful.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Permatang Pauh ke Putrajaya

Great expectations. Very great expectations indeed.

And another thing. Why do all these alleged PKR supporters have to throw water bottles at Najib? Its a shame.
Can't they find anything harder?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A walk in the park

The National Stroke Association of Malaysia organised a fun fair today at the Taman Jaya park, next to Amcorp Mall. This event was held to raise funds for the association's treatment, education and awareness programmes.

The turnout was quite good. There were games for kids, and food for all. The people we all very nice too. The chicken rice by sold by E&O was very sedap. Crispy on the outside but not too oily.

It was certainly an enjoyable morning out. Certainly for a good cause.

No royalties were paid to the people I randomly took photos of.

Got lamb?

Noraini making a mean Roti Jala. Best Roti Jala I have ever tasted.
Guess who is coming for Raya.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

As thick as the Amazon

Have you ever tried ordering anything from Amazon? If you live in an asian country like good old Malaysia, FORGET IT. Banish the thought. The bit about amazon that says that they ship everwhere on the globe is a godamn lie.

It would be fabulous if they could tell you up front that the particular item you have fallen in love could travel beyond the shores of the USA. But noooo.

Twobucks, thanks so much for that Amazon gift certificate, but its driving me insane! Its not that I do not appreciate it, I do but just send me a card next time. Or a cash cheque.

The irate commuter

Well it is about time that at least someone from the government got their behinds out of their cushy Kompressors to experience the joys of public transportation.

Nothing makes my blood boil more than fat-arsed politicians telling me to cut my spending and utilize more public transport and then get their drivers to send them home in their luxury cars to their posh residences in Bukit Tunku.

Anyway, hats off to Pak Lah for not only riding the Purta LRT line but also the accursed KTM Kommuter which everyone knows is as reliable as a condemned Proton.

And at peak hour! Read about his ordeal and comments HERE.

I remember scoffing at one YB from the Ministry of Transport who did a blatant PR stunt riding the LRT with loads of pressmen in a roomy train, expounding how great and easy city transport is. He who tries to fool the masses, only exposes what a fool he actually is. This is a great example.

And it had to take a Prime Minister to make this effort to really test out our transport system. Of course he found shortcomings. It’s a crap system. All the Transport Minister could say at the end of the day was that they had no control over Rapid KL and that KTM will be getting new coaches in the coming years. Wow, he got voted into office for this brilliance?

Is this supposed to make us daily commuters feel better? If anything it demonstrates that these companies have been sloppy in anticipating the needs and growth of their consumers. And it appears that SPNB is thinking of setting 2 more new lines. If they can’t even get their act together with the current system, it does not take a rocket scientist to know where this is going.

Maybe next, the PM should try taking the public buses or better yet, trying to find a cab that goes by meter in the Bukit Bintang area. Then we can see the game of pass the buck played again.

If the present government is not capable of making improvements that have been plaguing the rakyat for so long, a change of government may be the only way of instituting change. Don’t say that they have not been warned.

News on news

If you haven't already, check out

a new newsportal with lots of potential. Impressive line up of writers and it will be interesting to see its blossoming.

(no, I am not getting a commission).

There is an article on the urban poor HERE.
And I like the Found in Translation which features what other vernacular papers are saying about national issues. It never ceases to amaze me how differently each community perceives a common issue. Is it a case of the community shaping the media or media shaping the community?
Try it. Pick up an Utusan or Berita Harian or Aliran or Harakah or a Sin Chew and be prepared to be amazed if not a little uncomfortable.

Show off alert!

Like a proud new Mom, here are more pics of my babies.

Peanut sitting pretty (2 seconds before she pee-ed on my blanket)

Oreo, sitting like a monument next to Peanut's cage.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My nut brown hare

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my latest charge - Peanut. An Angora Lop aged 5 weeks. I got her at Subang Parade from a rabbit breeder the previous Sunday. Had no intention of getting another rabbit but when she came and sayang me (the bunny, not the breeder) the heart gave in and the pocket slapped its forehead and bid me adieu.
Hello, 10 year commitment!

First whiff of home.

Showing off her Chaka Khan hair do

Little one with a huge appetite

She is FAST. So most of my pics are blurry.

But she has shown more enthusiasm to jump out of her cage and explore the neighborhood than the Fat One - Oreo. Being male and all, I had expected Oreo to show some interest when I brought her home. The stupid rabbit gave her one sniff, then went back to sleep. I tell you, that bunny is a eunuch.

But lately he has been hanging around her cage just sitting there next to her. In the open. Which is rare for a bunny who spends large amounts of time inspecting the underside of my sofa and the kitchen cabinet. Shy or just plain territorial, I will soon find out.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keropok Lekor 3

The quest for the best keropok lekor in KL continues. Found one at the SS2 Monday pasar malam. Not too bad.

Its does not taste of pure flour. And its pretty good actually. Deserves a second try most definitely. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Forget Lafite

Why the name Monster, I hear you ask.

(Even if you didn't ask, just treat this as general knowledge. You'll never know when it may come in useful in say..BBC's The Weakest Link, for instance)

So christened by Jo, it is in reference or as I would like to think, reverence to my enormous
capacity for good food. Baptised so to speak after a glorious day of face stuffing in Malacca.

Little did we both realise that from a simple utterance of "fuyo, monster" in response to my polishing off the final crumbs of a supper of roti john, born was the pseudonym that would serve me from 2005 to present.

And so, talking about food is not only a necessity but a downright duty.

This month for some reason, I have had the pleasure of some remarkable seafood. One restaurant of note is the curiously named establishment - deFoodland. Located at Bandar Sri Menjalara (thats Kepong) , it has a variety of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods baked, fried, steamed and boiled in a bewildering number of ways. As I was a dinner guest, sorry guys, no photos . Plus its hard to balance a camera with sticky fingers.

I must say its marketing is top notch. When I patronised
the restaurant, not only did I get a name card, I also got a map, a flyer, wallet-sized mini menu and a URL.

So , anyone wanna spike their cholesterol levels with me?

Civil society at its most honest

Oh look! The posters are all identical.
Siapa dalang
I wonder?

I was close to being one of the people boo-ed leaving the Bar Council today. Because of other commitments, I chose not to attend the Bar Council's forum on conversion to Islam. You can read about what happened HERE.

I am very saddened by the turn of events and that as a society we are not matured enough to accept open debate. How do we tell these so called NGOs that dialog does not necessarily mean disrespect? I wonder what is it that they think the Bar Council seeks to do that is so blasphemous that it deserves Molotov cocktails and threats of violence.

Many of my Muslim friends are just as clueless as to why all the ruckus and are pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. And they are right in that it does nothing for the public perception of a religion that sincerely advocates peace and goodwill.

Why can’t we talk about religion in this country? Who are we protecting?

How do I offend you if I seek to understand what happens to me/my family if there is a conversion?

Do we have to wait until we have a court case and a media circus before we address any conflict? When emotions run high and tolerance hits a new low.

The Bar Council is right in trying to address issues that have been swept under the carpet for a long time. The people need to know their rights and responsibilities when they still can make decisions - decisions that have major implications on their lives and those around them.

Body snatching and child kidnapping and courts that cannot give recourse because of conflicts of jurisdiction and worrying lacunas - they are unacceptable in country that touts multiculturalism and religious freedom.

Else we should stop our Malaysian Tourism ads. With all the harmonious smiling and holding hands, we’d be sued for misleading the public.

Happy Birthday Al-Bala

You were never this cute. But, you can still try. Looks a little like Boo.

This year the Rabbit refused to pose so you are stuck with a very mengada panda.
Go forth and prosper.

And don't get too plastered. I am not bailing you out. Even if it IS real this time.

More funds needed for Save Sufiah campaign

The Star, 08 August

THE United Kingdom Malay Association (Melayu UK) is still in need of more public contributions to its “Sayangi Sufiah” campaign aimed at helping mathematic genius Sufiah Yusof, 23, lead a better life, Metro reported.

The fund, launched four months ago, has yet to meet its target, and this is hindering the efforts to save the former Oxford University student turned high-class prostitute in London.

According to the daily, Sufiah had agreed to receive treatment in the Islamic way from Kumpulan Penyokong and Pengasuh Profesional (Pisang).

Pisang planning and strategy director Hanafi Abdul Malek said Sufiah’s agreement to counselling and treatment had opened an opportunity to guide her to the right path in life.

“This is a long-term plan, but we do not even have enough money for flight tickets, let alone other expenses,” Melayu UK president Hamidi Abdul Rahman said in its official website.

Monster Says:

Firstly, how la is anybody going to take the name Pisang seriously. With so many sick children, street kids without enough to eat, normal people finding it hard to make ends meet, this is so unworthy. Isn’t there anything they can do to help those who really need to be helped? What a waste of time.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Panda Panda

Here are two photos that made me smile today. Yes, this jaded old bat could still be won over by a cute bear with too much kohl. As the bwadah would say.. A la la..

In the spirit of muhibbah, I am irreverant to all

If you have ever seen a Tamil movie, no wait, a Rajinikanth movie, get ready to suspend all logic.
Be warned. Very dumb la.

Monday, August 04, 2008

We mourn the passing of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

And the world loses another great writer and literature Nobel laureate - Alexander Solzhenitsyn passed away at the age of 89 today at Moscow. More HERE

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sundays are way to short if you ask me. Like it goes on warp speed and before you know it, its 10pm and the dread of the coming week comfortably settles in the gut. Yes, its bloody sickening.

For once, I didn't do any office work this weekend. Shock shock horror horror.
Oh I could not be asked. The threshold has been breached and frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn.

Instead, I went to Amcorp Mall. Damn, I forgot to take photos. I actually need a phone with a better camera. (To the sesiapa yang sudi: HINT!! Hm, I wonder if it echoes in cyberspace)

Anyway I didn't realise what an Alladin's cave Amcorp can be on Sundays. If you go by the proverb of one man's trash is another man's treasure that is. With stalls that go all the way up to the 3rd floor, its like a carboot sale. Indoors.

From old prints to old boots, butter boats to brass pending, its kinda fascinating to go round the tiny stalls to check out the stuff. Old men with old stamps sit alongside long haired dudes selling "why so serious" batman tees.

Sure you get to see tonnes of junk. But its junk with character!

I mean while I don't have an issue with Vincci and Ikea and Giordano whose mass produced stocks make us look like carbon copies of each other, but somehow just finding an art deco teapot just filled me with a strange sense of wonder.

I suspect its because it is more common to equate modernity with simplify in form now, so something as indulgent as design for design's sake is so startling and vivid. Its WONDERFUL.

But do I want a rusty Singer sewing machine in my living room? Maybe not. But it did remind me of a time when there was still some innocence in me and I was closer to the ground in height.

Tan Hong Ming


Friday, August 01, 2008

Malaysian computer for only RM500, laptop for RM1,000

The Star newspaper, today

LUSAKA (Zambia): Three months from now, Malaysians will be able to buy the i-Dola laptop and Jean-i personal computer (PC) at basement prices.

Mimos is now ready to licence the production of the Malaysian computer codenamed Mak Cik, which it took two years to develop. The laptop and PC are named after the Prime Minister and his wife.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the laptop would cost RM1,000, and the PC RM500.

“I have tested the computers and am happy with their performance,” said Dr Ongkili, who was here to attend the Global Southern Africa International Dialogue.

“They are wireless, Internet-based designs and need not be connected to fixed lines. To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.”

It is understood that the i-Dola and Jean-i will be as fast as computers using Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Dr Ongkili said that the King and Queen have already been presented with a pair of i-Dola laptops, which were previewed at the WCIT in Kuala Lumpur recently.

He added that several manufacturers were keen to make the computers, and were targeting selling about a million of them.

“The computers require broadband access and I have told the relevant bodies to speed up the roll-out of broadband coverage,” Dr Ongkili said.

He said the computers are targeted at students, businesses and housewives.

Mlle Monster says:

Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Project Mak Cik! HaHaHa He He