Saturday, August 09, 2008

Forget Lafite

Why the name Monster, I hear you ask.

(Even if you didn't ask, just treat this as general knowledge. You'll never know when it may come in useful in say..BBC's The Weakest Link, for instance)

So christened by Jo, it is in reference or as I would like to think, reverence to my enormous
capacity for good food. Baptised so to speak after a glorious day of face stuffing in Malacca.

Little did we both realise that from a simple utterance of "fuyo, monster" in response to my polishing off the final crumbs of a supper of roti john, born was the pseudonym that would serve me from 2005 to present.

And so, talking about food is not only a necessity but a downright duty.

This month for some reason, I have had the pleasure of some remarkable seafood. One restaurant of note is the curiously named establishment - deFoodland. Located at Bandar Sri Menjalara (thats Kepong) , it has a variety of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods baked, fried, steamed and boiled in a bewildering number of ways. As I was a dinner guest, sorry guys, no photos . Plus its hard to balance a camera with sticky fingers.

I must say its marketing is top notch. When I patronised
the restaurant, not only did I get a name card, I also got a map, a flyer, wallet-sized mini menu and a URL.

So , anyone wanna spike their cholesterol levels with me?

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