Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long overdued fist shaking

I have been the recipient of so many many random acts of kindness in my youth. But KL living takes its toll on the mind and soul. It makes me Bitter and Cold. Envious and Unkind.

The better half says I take on a different persona when I step out of the house in the morning. Suit pressed, heels poised, face scrunched , fists clenched, its like I am going to annihilate anything that gets in my way. I become snappy and I feel the anger so. In other words, I morph into a first class grade A bitch. And super oddly, it peaks when I am commuting.

For every above act of kindness, here in KL I have had to witness what seems like equal instances of selfishness, injustice, boorishness and corruption. From street vendors cheating me of my money to pedestrians stealing my cab, I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who still plays by the rules of conscience and decency.

Then from out of the blue sky a good samaritan would drop by and totally change my perception of the world and everything is fine again. Isn't it so sad that good samaritans are so few and far between that when they do appear, they make national news.

I play a different pantomime in the office because of the politics there, so that does not count. That will need a different rant altogether. Preferable with a stiff drink.

sick puppy

I have been languishing these few days from one of the worse bouts of flu I have ever had the misfortune to endure. My colleagues are convinced that I am just finding an excuse to have a few days off, and while that may be true, my affliction is as genuine as Marilyn Monroe's mole. (I made you wonder its authenticity for a minute, admit it)

In any case it was much needed sleep and a lesson not to make fun of sick people.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Disappearing Act

Oh boy, has it been a draining week. My limbs still ache from the memory. The Company just organised an international conference which demanded the sacrifice of time, sweat, brain cells and fresh blood (well it turned out that we could not get a fresh dead body for the live operation, so the doctors did their procedure on a pickled cadaver instead. It looked like charred beef).

I do have an interesting job, don't I? Although I am not sure how many people would actually be envious?

Despite the team being shorthanded and under-experienced, the high-staked event did go smoothly with a few gurgles as oppose to massive hiccups. So good that my Boss even allowed us to be zombies for a few days until the after-effects of excess coffee and cigarettes wear off.

Well there were nice perks. Posh dinner parties are always happy gastronomical events. Especially when we have RM400 bottles of wine open. Guess who was a happy birdie?
I was the photographer extraordinaire for the evening and for all the golden shaky pictures, I blame the chandelier. Bad lighting. Bad bad lighting.

Also I know the secret to why French women are so slim. The potions are TINY to sincerely accommodate the Malaysian national appetite. I mean Nasi Kandar Pelita it is definitely not, but no matter how you want to dress velouté de petits pois au lard croustillant it is still green pea soup.

All the fancy dining has crated a massive craving for ayam kurma. I know, I am such a peasant but the carbo deprivation is more damaging to the soul than all the stress.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Little Triumphs of the Heart

Over the weekend I stumbled upon the holy grail of plastic kitchen appliances. Introducing Le Salad Spinner. I have been looking for this baby since forever. You just can't find of these in KL. I got to learn about this wonderful contraption from a friend who got hers from LA. No more soggy romaine! Squishy croutons - be gone! It only cost me RM36 at MetroJaya. And it was on one of those Must Go bins. I am SO easily pleased.

Maroon 5 - sweet!

I still can't categorize the type of music this band performs but their latest single is insanely catchy. There are bands that are good for a couple of songs and there are bands that convert listeners to fans en mass.

Maroon 5 has defined my late twenties with its leading characters. Delicious doesn't begin to define it.

Adam Levine is just a dream. I think he looks edgier when he was a little scruffy looking for the Songs About Jane album. Sure he cleans up well but he looks better in faded jeans than in a suit.

YES, this is one very very rare occasions when a man looks better out of suit than in it. Hm, that didn't quite come out right. But still accurate. In all seriousness, clothes do make the man. In most cases it is because most men boasts the physique of Bacchus as oppose to David under all the robes.

I am one of those women that places personality over shaving. Which is why when we did an office survey Jack Sparrow was my hero over the wig wearing swash-buckling navy commander. On second thoughts, I have to qualify that. By not shaving I mean a five o'clock shadow and when I said Jack Sparrow, I meant the damn hot Johnny Depp underneath the beads and bad teeth.