Sunday, June 03, 2007

Maroon 5 - sweet!

I still can't categorize the type of music this band performs but their latest single is insanely catchy. There are bands that are good for a couple of songs and there are bands that convert listeners to fans en mass.

Maroon 5 has defined my late twenties with its leading characters. Delicious doesn't begin to define it.

Adam Levine is just a dream. I think he looks edgier when he was a little scruffy looking for the Songs About Jane album. Sure he cleans up well but he looks better in faded jeans than in a suit.

YES, this is one very very rare occasions when a man looks better out of suit than in it. Hm, that didn't quite come out right. But still accurate. In all seriousness, clothes do make the man. In most cases it is because most men boasts the physique of Bacchus as oppose to David under all the robes.

I am one of those women that places personality over shaving. Which is why when we did an office survey Jack Sparrow was my hero over the wig wearing swash-buckling navy commander. On second thoughts, I have to qualify that. By not shaving I mean a five o'clock shadow and when I said Jack Sparrow, I meant the damn hot Johnny Depp underneath the beads and bad teeth.

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