Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This video clip is a hoot. Enjoy!

I like to move it

Absence doth make the heart grow fonder. NOT.

In all honesty, burrowing under the covers makes for a better weekend than writing about the week that was, particularly when the week that was, was to say the least, weak.

'Tis treacherous times at the office currently. The political undercurrents run as swiftly and as silently as anything you can attribute to the Brotherhood of the Knights Templar. Blood drips at the flick of a paperclip. One colleague has left to pursue a lawsuit against another. I was offered her cubicle and I am like choy! Bad Feng Shui. Unless you bring in a priest complete with burning
frankincense or douse the place with air bunga - no chance man. Super ugly affair. Sorry, no sordid details in case I get subpoenaed or worse - be named in a defamation suit. See my legal training did come in useful after all.

But work is not all gloom and drudgery.

My team had the task of turning a poor volunteer into a Marilyn Monroe. To celebrate our Director's birthday, we are getting said volunteer to sing him a happy birthday song during our company's monthly forum.

So what if our volunteer is a chunky guy with hairy legs. We went to this costume place in Desa Hartamas and we managed to squeeze him into a frock, complete with fake latex boobs that even has with nipples attached too. It took two men to dress him in the tiny changing room.

For something that is so common for us women, things like wearing a skirt take on a bizarre twist when it comes to drag dressing. Especially when one hears loud masculine voices going, “Man, your bra is showing la, dude!”

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brunch in the clouds

Taxi to KL Tower: RM14.00
Brunch for one at Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant: RM80.00
Day-long headache from the orbiting view: PRICELESS

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tea for two hundred

I have a reputation for feeding people at the office. No Tupperwares of cookies and cakes here.

I am responsible for feeding the masses. Not like Jesus, no.
I am fortunate to have the services of caterers. And I have them on speed dial.

I organise events and one idiosyncrasy of the Malaysian office worker is the dire need of food before/during/after any event of any importance. Be it sweet sour fish to karipap kentang, munchies are as much part of the agenda as the agenda itself.
And let us not forget the tea and coffee, and with condensed milk, excuse me.

Caterers are a species of their own, certainly. I have one darling caterer that is so casual that all I do is to give him a call and it is all done! Food for 200 without signing a piece of paper. Of course I get ulcers during the hours running up to the event, wondering if the bugger will show up at all.

Then I have the ones that are so bloody anal that I need to sign like a ream of paper before they would even agree to accept my booking. Don’t you hate people in the service industry who act as if they are doing you one big favour? Sheesh. I am dealing with one dingbat who would not even give me papadums for free. His reason? That they MAY go soft and ruin HIS reputation. Never again!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Along Along Bukit Beruntung

This clip has been spreading like a virus through office emails and this is so side splittingly funny that I felt that I must share it with you. Ah Long is colloquial for loan shark/illegal moneylender.

It is by two Malay guys who are imitating two Chinese guys trying to speak Malay. The clip is by Afdlin Shauki and Din Beramboi. It may take a few minutes to load but it is sooo worth it.