Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn

I am not usually a mooncake person but I guess its just because I have not met the right mooncake.

Thank you Matthew for posting over the good stuff and yes, they were wonderful. Everybody loved them. Me included.

Same time, same box next year?
A crate will be welcomed as well and I believe that the HongKong postal service would be equally thrilled for the postage.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Keihls, Heels and Automobiles

My schedule has been insane! My team just finished organising a buka puasa do and I am so grateful to have been spared. Mainly because my other deadlines are murder. 15 hour work days do great damage to the immune system. I can certainly go on and on with my afflictions but suffice to say that i still feel that i am growing a sock in my throat and my sudden craving for cheese and mac is distracting.

Oh and The Pavillion is open! Posh with lots of luxury brands. Its like walking in Singapore. Tangs will open its doors there soon and not to be outdones,Robinsons is opening at The Garden's Mid-Valley. Shopping anyone?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freedom Film Festival 2007

Over the weekend, I just managed to catch the Freedom Film Festival held at the Central Market Annex. Activism is alive and well and surprisingly, unbanned.
For now.

It gladdens my heart that our young people are still at it, pushing the proverbial envelope. Me and Sean were conspicuously quiet, fully aware of our affiliation with the Establishment. I bet they kill lawyers too.

In any case, it was courageous film making, honest and sometimes humorous, non-mainstream offerings that may not go down too well with the powers that be. I mean extra-judicial killings and governments demolishing places of worship, they are not really popcorn fare.

And after watching the clip on a Singaporean protest, I think that nation has the most "baik" policemen. Compared to the "pelt with tear gas"- then-"bawak balik balai"-dengan "free black eye sebab 'terhantuk" modus operandi of our everyday heroes.

I wish i could have attended the night screenings but not having a car or a chaperone sucks. I was looking forward to watching the films on transgender issues but the screening was at night la. Damn. Anyway - thanks Sean for the heads up and sirap limau and thanks Bwada for the transport.

Deliciously Heady

Oh and I received flowers!


Hi -Jinks

My condo building is being painted and we have workers riding the outdoor lifts up and down our window. And good God, these people really don't think much of safety.

They are all indonesians and gheez they have nerves of steel. And I don't see them wearing any harness and they actually climb up the ledges to do the cleaning and scraping and painting. I mean don't fall and lower the price of my real estate please.

After painting the walls, they climbed up on the roof. And I live at the penthouse level of a 15 storey building. So selamba . One of the dudes even managed to give me a come hither smile.
I was like " no fucking way!' Anyway, some pics.


First watched this from a friend's blog and truly, I am speechless.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't try this at home

I love ads. Especially those with punchlines that you don't see coming.
I was laughing like a banshee in the office. Warning: Don't be drinking anything when you see this.