Monday, May 25, 2009

What if I came back as a coconut tree?

Now, if I make fun of this site - it would be bad for my karma. 
So please check it out and let it blow your mind. Someone should let the Dalai Lama know about this.  

Its a new dawn, its a new day

so says Nina Simone.

So things change. No surprises there. Rolling pebble down an abyss or hurling meteor across time and space, change is the single constant of the universe.

Yet I am going to be stubornly adamant and reel at the thought of how different a year makes. Am I any the wiser? Unlikely so. Becoming more of a fool - most certainly. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Our growing up only allows us to cultivate thicker linings to stomach pain, heartbreak, injustice and disappointments that come out way. Guess we get better at accepting fate and what she throws in our laps, be it strawberries or herrings.

And it takes an epiphany/breakdown to jolt us out of apathy and self-indulgent martyrdom, toss caution back in her face, and seek happiness before we die.

It may all sound like claptrap to you but wait till you hit your threshold. (Yes I am talking from experience, dammit!)

And when realisation strikes you that you are exactly where you navigated yourself to be, that its all YOUR fault, there is a very pronounced "Oh Damn!" moment followed but a moment of empowerment in that you know that you are the master of your destiny after all. After all you got yourself in this shit in the first place. So you can get yourself out.


So I am backing out from this rut, comfortable as it has become. My half year resolutions already has a soundtrack. Changes have been set in motion. As my the Bwadah say, its all positive chi, man.

Today I lopped off 5 inches of my hair, finally.

And I am feeling good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

(Black) currant affairs

I had so much to say with the mess that is my home state of Perak. But my venom is akin to orange juice compared to the comments that have been spewed all over cyberspace. This, you can find on your own.

So whats your bet? Will BN & Pakatan talk or not? And how many days will it take to collapse?


Thoughts without a home

Hare-brained as it may be, I am starting to loath corporate work and am gravitating towards a career that involves animals. Now that is something I will definitely be passionate about. I have had enough of being a gopher (Cassie, Go 'fer this, and Cassie, Go 'fer that.) Now how do I get rich doing what I love. CAN I get rich doing what I love? Any ideas?

I have enough marketing books at home telling me that YES I can if I put my head into it. Hm. Time to strategise. Whose dog can I kidnap?

These past few months/weeks/days have been filled with revelations. I learnt that:

• I have a heart made of tofu and that I can burst into tears, set off by anything from a cat nursing a kitten to saying thank you to relatives who have come from across the country to see me.

• That the best-est of friends are not the ones I see everyday but the ones that do their best to share in my happiest and most neurotic times, even if I don’t get to hear from them in between

• VO5 Moisture Soak is God-send

• That I am loved beyond my capacity to imagine

• That belonging can be more desirable that striking out alone

• That having extended relatives isn’t a bad thing

• Don’t assume hair stylists knows best

• Personal happiness takes work and courage (now, to tell my management that they are tyrants)

All wishy washy feel-good babble? Maybe. But I have been so out of touch with myself that I have been a really nasty person to be around. But here is the strange thing, cats seem to like me lots now.

Today at the Vet

There is this marmalade cat
Who sits outside my vet’s
She peers through the glass
Won’t go in till she’s asked
But welcomes cat food and pats.

She is a mommy we know
With her own brood which don’t show
Stashed, we hope, safe and away
Yet to the vet she comes each day
To sayang a kitty abandoned not long ago.

The kitten was found on the floor
One night outside the clinic door
So Dr Yeoh’s taken him in
As it is so frail and so thin
But a mother he has no more.

This marmalade cat
Had a thing for this one
Nursed him as her own son
When she makes her trips to the vet.

I saw her today
This good hearted stray
And as she did her part
She also stole my heart
It’s a wonder I didn’t steal them away.