Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts without a home

Hare-brained as it may be, I am starting to loath corporate work and am gravitating towards a career that involves animals. Now that is something I will definitely be passionate about. I have had enough of being a gopher (Cassie, Go 'fer this, and Cassie, Go 'fer that.) Now how do I get rich doing what I love. CAN I get rich doing what I love? Any ideas?

I have enough marketing books at home telling me that YES I can if I put my head into it. Hm. Time to strategise. Whose dog can I kidnap?

These past few months/weeks/days have been filled with revelations. I learnt that:

• I have a heart made of tofu and that I can burst into tears, set off by anything from a cat nursing a kitten to saying thank you to relatives who have come from across the country to see me.

• That the best-est of friends are not the ones I see everyday but the ones that do their best to share in my happiest and most neurotic times, even if I don’t get to hear from them in between

• VO5 Moisture Soak is God-send

• That I am loved beyond my capacity to imagine

• That belonging can be more desirable that striking out alone

• That having extended relatives isn’t a bad thing

• Don’t assume hair stylists knows best

• Personal happiness takes work and courage (now, to tell my management that they are tyrants)

All wishy washy feel-good babble? Maybe. But I have been so out of touch with myself that I have been a really nasty person to be around. But here is the strange thing, cats seem to like me lots now.

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