Monday, May 18, 2009

Today at the Vet

There is this marmalade cat
Who sits outside my vet’s
She peers through the glass
Won’t go in till she’s asked
But welcomes cat food and pats.

She is a mommy we know
With her own brood which don’t show
Stashed, we hope, safe and away
Yet to the vet she comes each day
To sayang a kitty abandoned not long ago.

The kitten was found on the floor
One night outside the clinic door
So Dr Yeoh’s taken him in
As it is so frail and so thin
But a mother he has no more.

This marmalade cat
Had a thing for this one
Nursed him as her own son
When she makes her trips to the vet.

I saw her today
This good hearted stray
And as she did her part
She also stole my heart
It’s a wonder I didn’t steal them away.

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