Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ah, the weekend.

I miss blogging. Very much.

Not for the inherent narcissism (although admittedly the previous Oasis-related posts was bragging rights well earned. Yet there are fewer Oasis fans here than I thought. Nobody batted an eye-lid to my real cool Official Oasis T-shirt pun. Cheh!)

Anyway. Writing for pleasure is a luxury and a wanton act of rebellion.

Having to endure hard work to still be in work is a small sacrifice at a time when not having to worry about my job is something to be envied.

So blogging, when I still have a kabillion things to do is smack in the face of good sense because guess who will need to stay up again tonight to draft daft statutory declarations? *yawn*

Nevertheless, it’s been a very busy weekend that involved oh, pretty interesting things which included a trip to Malacca, coconut shakes, nyonya food, kicking a fuss with the hotel management because they could not get my astro working and a pretty shiny rock.

Somewhat unexpected, the weekend also saw a renewed interest in faith and religious philosophy. Which is interesting on its own because I was on the path of the darkside. Or truth. Depending on which side of the coin you flip I suppose. At the end of the day we all die. Sometimes that is easy to forget.

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