Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cruel World

Bad news folks. A cat got Amon Ra. K released it in his own garden to let it learn to fly and it seemed to be doing fine until a cat spotted it and swiped it. It landed on a fence separating the houses and K fell trying to get to the bird before the feline.
K is understandably upset. He has done so much research that points to the necessity of it being taught to fly and having to prevent it from becoming too tame to survive in the wild. And now the bird is dead. Just like that.
K grew to loved the tiny bird and now this happened. It is just very very sad. I was so looking forward to see it this weekend. What a cruel world.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Proud moment

My kid brother's rap got played over the radio on Sunday. Oh so proud.

Yet, despite my sibling being a writer and poet, the rap group is called Three Flow. Supposed to be based on the Trinity and then suddenly here's this group called Three Flow. Hm. Wrong turning somewhere.

Actually I am really biased. There is this super cute hyper active lemur (yes LEMUR) called Treelo on my favourite kid's programme, Big Blue House. So it kinda did it for me. The name is forever doomed.

But Three Flow's got quite a catchy tune. I heard in on internet radio and the quality really sucks but I have heard the tune like a milion times from the horse's mouth. They blended it with Sinatra's Fly Me to The Moon and ehem, it deals with getting real high up.

They are working on another song and that I really like. Hope to hear it on air. Would be cool. Posted by Hello

It has been bestowed the name Amon Ra. Poor bird. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Baby Pipit

As the three of us we were walking back after our tim sum breakfast at ss2, we found a small baby bird by the sidewalk today. The poor thing must have fell from it's nest. We could not see even where the nest was. Its sibling fell to its death but this one survived and I am so glad nobody trampled on it. K carried it. The bird was so grateful it crapped in his hand. Hehe.

Rushed it to a pet store to see if it was injured. The guys there said that it is a baby bird too small to fly just yet despite having feathers and all. But I am worried about it's leg. It us sort of bent inwards and although they said that it is not broken I am not entirely convinced.

They tried feeding it worms but it won't eat. It has a 50% chance of surviving so it's still something. K took it home with him. He bought a box for the little fella and some millet. Tried feeding it water through a straw. Susah man. Hardly took anything in. Called the pet store and they advised to try to force feed it but we tried for god knows so long to get that darn bird to open it's beak. It finally took some water and cereal. It was so great when it finally chirped. Also another attention seeker. When we try to feed it, it goes mute, beak cement shut. But when we let it be, it starts chirping.

Tonight K was successful in feeding it pieces of grape and hard boiled egg, for protein. Apparently it needs the nutrients to grow. Okay, feeding it egg is a little wierd but the experts recommended it. Fooling it into thinking its mom is back by waving a piece of tissue, the bird was happy to receive the food. Poor thing must be hungry.

K is as concerned as a daddy, kinda cute seeing him fussing over the little baby. It's pretty active now (the bird, not K), pecking and chirping. Hope it get's to fly soon.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Tragedy of the urban female

I so want to earn more. I want to have dinner in nice restaurants and maybe splurge on a holiday or Georg Jensen once in a while, not like now where I blow by entire budget by buying a lipstick!

All hopes of finding a rich dying old man as a husband has gone down the drain – too few eligible candidates (damn you, modern medicine!) and too many Anna Nicole Smiths for competition. Plus, I am dating again and to his relief he is neither old nor dying from it. I have shared my plan with him and okay, he wasn’t very pleased. So back to the drawing board.

I could start a business but I am such a poor salesman I can’t even get my mom to lend me money. And flipping Ramli burgers would be oh so horrible for my complexion, not to mention my figure. I don’t have the looks for being a model or a loan shark for that matter. I also don’t have enough yellow highlights in my hair to sell pirated software. And when I discussed the possibility of pole dancing or the very lucrative flesh trade, my guy friends laughed so hard. Too hard I figure. I got real jackasses for friends, by the way.

So how do I make my millions?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Flying lessons

I had a REAL weird dream last night. I was transported to my old home in Taiping. Instantly there was a knock at my front door. I threw the wooden doors opened and there stood my Boss, G.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.

She was telling me to have a look at these things. And out of no where this pink flying baguette roll almost collided with my nose, veering at the last minute before careening off into the air again. They were PIGS! Tiny piggybank-sized hogs but with long floppy ears that beat like wings. It’s like a remake of Dumbo but with teensy pigs instead of elephants. It was bizarre! And OMG so cute.

And I almost smacked nose to snout with that thing. (And it has a very cute plush looking snout.) I looked back at G and she confirms that yes they are pigs and that it is really no big deal, all they do is wiggle their ears, and THEN SHE WIGGLED hers! Only her ears were at the top of her head, black and floppy like a puppy’s and they twitched. I must say that she did look quite becoming. And I say this with no malice.

Then she told me that there were more coming but I need to get ready as they are being attacked by wasps along the way. I shut the door, and ran to get my broom. When I opened it was a battle of pig proportions (pardon the pun) of wasps and flying pigs. Before I could join in the fray, I woke up.

I am dying to know what this dream means. Especially about what I truly think of my boss. Moral of the story, Pigs do fly!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

My prozac please

Some people are born happy. Annoited by the stars, blessed by the heavens, throw them in a lion's den and they will admire the decor.

Well is being a pessimist so bad? To quite Elaine from Ally McBeal, "pretending to be happy is easy". On the same vein, I agree when she adds "its loneliness that is hard".

I have been told to change my attitude as it bugs people. Especially those closest to me. Many a gentleman caller have been left scarred by the experience. But just as some of us are destined to be shiny, happy creatures the world still needs black thundering clouds. What is light if not for the darkness, no?

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Spent the whole Saturday afternoon waiting.
I need to have a mole eliminated.

No, not the double agent, Deep throat type. Neither is it the garden variety species. My life where got so drama. My little honey is more Cindy Crawford-isque. This is what Eastern mysticism has to say about my dot.

A mole around the mouth region of any person indicates that the person is full of passion or curiously attracted to beauty and passion. Generally, such people work in (either) arts, craft, entertainment, fashion, beauty and (get this) the sex industry.

More worrying,
If the mole is above the upper lip, the person indulges in self-gratification via beautiful objects. These people will (most definitely) work in one of the above mentioned industries.

Okay, so I got it off the net but before you say its hogwash I have got another source unfortunately. I am sure you have come across it before too. A huge yellow poster with a face full of moles and their respective meanings. My friend calls my spot, for the lack of an English term, a horny mole. And technically 'not very good lah'.

Why didn't I get this kind of information when I did my psychometric tests? It am sure would have made a different in my degree and career choices. Not that my dad would really pay for pole dancing classes.

So does that mean that as the mole gets larger, one gets hornier? A dead target for sex shop operators. "Ah Kheong, give a trolley to that customer with the frog-sized mole on the upper lip."

Anyway, the mole is still here. The doctor said that if he laser-ed it, it would leave a scar. So I left. Better consult another specialist. Or another fortune teller.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Hokay, life update!

Emptiness can usually be cured by spending. From my 3 new pairs of earings, a black top and a pair of shoes, no prizes how was I feeling this weekend. Of course this spree resulted in an emptiness of a different kind, the kind that makes the pocket a little lighter.

My jobs applications have not been answered. Well one did and I screwed the interview up so magnificently that jobstreet should pay me to give talks on how NOT to do an interview.

It is getting very interesting at work. The games people play and the knives that go 'pwing!' as they land into people's backs, make for a good soap.

On the romance front, forget the romance front.

More to come.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My government embarasses me

KUALA LUMPUR: By 2007, the first Malaysians will be launched into space and they will be taking with them a piece of home – batik and roti canai.

National Space Agency (NSA) director-general Prof Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman said the astronauts could exchange culture and food with their foreign counterparts, as they would be spending six to eight days at the International Space Station.
“We will have a programme called Batik in Space and we will also launch a programme called Roti Canai in Space to see how we can bring Malaysian delicacies up to the space station.

“We will research ways to bring our astronauts' favourite food into space.
“These we can bring to Houston, in the American state of Texas, where they will study how it can be brought into space,” she said yesterday at the Exploring the Solar System exhibition launch at the National Planetarium here.
She said they would also consult ulama if the astronauts chosen were Muslim.
“If they are Muslim, we will have to ask how he or she would perform their prayer rituals or where the kiblat is. You would need an ulama for that,” she said.
Russia is expected to send Malaysia’s first astronaut into space as part of a scientific mission on board the International Space Station.
Dr Mazlan said the Russians are expected to be in Malaysia by the end of the month, and the astronauts' names would be announced by year-end.

Taken from The Star newspaper.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

To the Solitary Maverick

My beloved Creative Director,

My most tender thoughts goes out to you. You are my greatest fan, being one of the two people who ever reads my entries. The other being myself, of course.

I find your cynicism refreshing - and somehow I don't see how the title quiet rebel comes into being as you hardly shut up when we talk. You belong in Singapore. Anywhere else would bore you to death! Actually, Malaysia's political landscape would interest you somewhat. I readily volunteer to help you unpack if you ever decide to move to my neighborhood. I would even buy you a cat.

But you would never come. And I would never get to name kitty.

I have been bad.
You have been mad.
We have been sad.
( I have all the makings of a poet laureate, no? Praise the CORNY!)

Did you people have to pen your own for the website? Only you ever use the word pensive and brooding intellectual in the same sentence. So you are THE guy, huh?
Oh so sexy.