Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Fair Lady

A friend of mine gave me these fantastic tickets to watch My Fair Lady - the Musical. It was wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised that K also enjoyed the show. Men are not known to be particularly enchanted by singing productions.

We didn't really dress up for the event, what with coming directly from work. But some people did, with their plunging necklines and perfumed hair. Of course some people did saunter in with their faded jeans. Of course we were smug in our office casuals, horribly glad that we didn't embarrass ourselves by coming overdressed.

Anyway, the seats were great, the cast was great, the audience was well behaved, maybe except for the inconsiderate idiot who thought that nobody would notice her wailing toddler. The songs really brought back memories of watching Audrey Hepburn shaking her fists at Rex Harrison in the pastel 1950s original adaptation.

I have one complaint though. Eliza's dress was dismal! The dress she wore for the Ascot scene was far superior to the one she wore to the Embassy Ball. It made her look so frumpy. It is just as the poster but with an added glittering piece draped across her chest which only made her look worse if you asked me. What a pity. Well we women notice these things.

But nevertheless the musical was very enjoyable!

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