Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tenant woes

The entries into the blog has been pretty poor lately, I admit. Preachy even.
Complaining is so passe, no? But have issues with my tenant. The fact that I have to share living space is bad enough but to share with a kid, his dog and his mom?

We clearly stated that the room was for 1 and we made exceptions for the dog but his mom has been staying with him for weeks and weeks. While the increased cost is a small issue, we are pissed off because he was strictly told that the rent for was ONE and a different rate applies for two. Initially we thought that the mother would only stay for a short period but this is ridiculous.

We have a problem with water supply and with the addition of every new member into the house, it gets worse. Hence our strict restrictions about the number of people in our house.
While on one hand we want to be accommodating but now I think we are being taken advantage of. I have a good mind to kick him out.

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