Thursday, June 14, 2007

Disappearing Act

Oh boy, has it been a draining week. My limbs still ache from the memory. The Company just organised an international conference which demanded the sacrifice of time, sweat, brain cells and fresh blood (well it turned out that we could not get a fresh dead body for the live operation, so the doctors did their procedure on a pickled cadaver instead. It looked like charred beef).

I do have an interesting job, don't I? Although I am not sure how many people would actually be envious?

Despite the team being shorthanded and under-experienced, the high-staked event did go smoothly with a few gurgles as oppose to massive hiccups. So good that my Boss even allowed us to be zombies for a few days until the after-effects of excess coffee and cigarettes wear off.

Well there were nice perks. Posh dinner parties are always happy gastronomical events. Especially when we have RM400 bottles of wine open. Guess who was a happy birdie?
I was the photographer extraordinaire for the evening and for all the golden shaky pictures, I blame the chandelier. Bad lighting. Bad bad lighting.

Also I know the secret to why French women are so slim. The potions are TINY to sincerely accommodate the Malaysian national appetite. I mean Nasi Kandar Pelita it is definitely not, but no matter how you want to dress velouté de petits pois au lard croustillant it is still green pea soup.

All the fancy dining has crated a massive craving for ayam kurma. I know, I am such a peasant but the carbo deprivation is more damaging to the soul than all the stress.

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