Saturday, August 09, 2008

More funds needed for Save Sufiah campaign

The Star, 08 August

THE United Kingdom Malay Association (Melayu UK) is still in need of more public contributions to its “Sayangi Sufiah” campaign aimed at helping mathematic genius Sufiah Yusof, 23, lead a better life, Metro reported.

The fund, launched four months ago, has yet to meet its target, and this is hindering the efforts to save the former Oxford University student turned high-class prostitute in London.

According to the daily, Sufiah had agreed to receive treatment in the Islamic way from Kumpulan Penyokong and Pengasuh Profesional (Pisang).

Pisang planning and strategy director Hanafi Abdul Malek said Sufiah’s agreement to counselling and treatment had opened an opportunity to guide her to the right path in life.

“This is a long-term plan, but we do not even have enough money for flight tickets, let alone other expenses,” Melayu UK president Hamidi Abdul Rahman said in its official website.

Monster Says:

Firstly, how la is anybody going to take the name Pisang seriously. With so many sick children, street kids without enough to eat, normal people finding it hard to make ends meet, this is so unworthy. Isn’t there anything they can do to help those who really need to be helped? What a waste of time.

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