Monday, August 18, 2008

My nut brown hare

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my latest charge - Peanut. An Angora Lop aged 5 weeks. I got her at Subang Parade from a rabbit breeder the previous Sunday. Had no intention of getting another rabbit but when she came and sayang me (the bunny, not the breeder) the heart gave in and the pocket slapped its forehead and bid me adieu.
Hello, 10 year commitment!

First whiff of home.

Showing off her Chaka Khan hair do

Little one with a huge appetite

She is FAST. So most of my pics are blurry.

But she has shown more enthusiasm to jump out of her cage and explore the neighborhood than the Fat One - Oreo. Being male and all, I had expected Oreo to show some interest when I brought her home. The stupid rabbit gave her one sniff, then went back to sleep. I tell you, that bunny is a eunuch.

But lately he has been hanging around her cage just sitting there next to her. In the open. Which is rare for a bunny who spends large amounts of time inspecting the underside of my sofa and the kitchen cabinet. Shy or just plain territorial, I will soon find out.

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yo bwada said... adorable laaaa! sigh*

haha...oreo is homer!