Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hamster Wheel

The amount of travelling this year has increased leaps and bounds from last year. I guess when the Company said Regional, it didn't really hit me that it would involve dragging my ass over to developing countries.
Can't say that I am disappointed.

Yet, for all the moving around, there are some lessons learnt:
There is no place like home, no duvet like my own and nasi lemak ayam rempah is a national treasure.

And that travelling Malaysians have a very bad habit of complaining. No nation I know of has a people than runs down its own,where nationalistic pride is an exception than the rule. Of course I am generalizing but I bet that if you are Malaysian, I am sure that you would know at least one specimen of this infinitesimal annoying species.

What brought this rant on is one couple I had the misfortune of overhearing at the KLIA terminal the last time I was flying in. I must say that KLIA is one of the better airports around and despite how effective the system that as in place, even THAT still was a point of consternation for this couple.

Anyway, bad vibes aside here is my favorite photo from Bali.

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