Monday, October 15, 2007

Hit the Road, Jack

I had the utter misfortune of crossing paths with an unbelievable piece of work.

Have you ever come across a character who is so anal, condescending, maddeningly self-opinionated and insulting that Hitler could take lessons? Ok, this guy is worse!

Thank GOD my working relationship with him has ended because he is a tyrant that feeds on making people feel bad.

But the old adage is true, you only allow people to hurt you. Don’t stand for the nonsense and the hurtful words just bounce right off. I quickly realised what a small small man he is.

He gets worked up analysing people and forming blanket opinions of them. I just think that he is a pathetic little creature who is attention starved. Maybe that is why he is very pissed off with me, because I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Ah, the sweet riddance of bad rubbish. It will be a good month indeed.


w.e.n.d.y said...

How did you get rid of him?

I so want to get rid of this idiot in office who thinks he's better than God, talks about himself all the time and yet shows nothing in return. I've come to the edge of the fence. If he's not gone within two months, you'll see me committing murder.

yo bwada da gangsta/bomoh said...

i offer 'splash red paint on car' services for a very affordable fee of RM300(paint included, high grade)...two cars, free tire-pamciting service also. you guys should talk and get back to me. =D