Sunday, December 16, 2007


Cheers to the happy couple! Sorry we went to the wrong wedding. Jalan HS Lee is home to many many buildings. Lucky thing we checked to see if we were at the right temple. We nearly died because when we steped into the temple, the maplai was not as handsome. Heck it was not even the correct maplai. Lucky we didn't just help ourself to the mutton yet. We went out back, through the alleyway, past through some back doors, in and out, roundabout and just when we thought we found the correct location, we almost died the second time when we saw the same maplai! His guests must be wondering why he invited a bunch of hysterical idiots.

We made it eventually to the right wedding and here is proof! You both look gorgeous!

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that fella from the other block said...

ah, another recipe for a brand new chindian baby. =) cho chweet!