Monday, January 28, 2008

Of Lo Sang and Breast Pumps

The Sofa has been enjoying some quiet time by itself lately as I have had absolutely no time to bestow it any love (or for that matter cookie crumbs, bits of writing paper and specks of salted potato chips).

These past weekends, I have been occupied with what seems like a kazillion things to do, to buy, to procrastinate and to forget. Not to mention backbreaking but fun days out. I think I covered every major mall in the past week. Not to shop mind you, but to eat!

This is really the best part of:
1. having friends
2. being Chinese (quasi anyway)
3. staying in Malaysia

because all roads lead to food.

The highlight was certainly the reunion of ex-colleagues at the Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Village. In typical fashion, it was crowded for Sunday brunch but thanks to the wisdom and foresight of one (which obviously was not your truly), the rest of us enjoyed the comfort and smugness of having a reserved table. First Lo Sang of the festive season!

Say what you want but even in this day and age, it is not conventional being unmarried when one is already in her 30s (yes, I am able to say that now without my mom having to reach for smelling salts).

Almost all my girlfriends are now already with kids, having kids or planning to have kids. I am still having the time of my life being a kid so after discussing breast milk, placenta and body clocks, I am surprised that I have not been reduced to rocking in a foetal position, at the corner of the room.

Being perpetually surrounded by all these pregnant women, its effects on me has been a little mind boggling if not completely wierd. Ashamedly I caught myself checking out strollers and baby carriers of all things! When I am on the street, at Baskin Robins and yes, I was stealing admiring glances as WWK's baby carrier at the reunion. All this when I should be checking out men!

I doubt I am developing nesting instincts. It is important to note that I am not interested in the child, just the accessories. It’s like, so cute, you know. My future kid will get so many gadgets she/he will be the first geek in pre-school, I swear. Then it’s on to world domination.

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w.e.n.d.y said...

I am sending my kid to you for lessons on World domination since I am so broke now buying all the equipments that I can't afford to send him to play school!