Friday, August 27, 2010

There are No Housing Developers in Heaven (may they Roast in Crispy)

Ok, Me disappeared for a while.
Its ok. Me not killed anyone yet. Still working on diabolical plan.
(and OD-ing on Cookie Monster videos. Hence the homage.)

Anyway, as you know, me trying to buy home. And me have got to the stage that lawyers are drafting the S&P, and I find out that after my land search, that the residual leasehold period is 79 years as oppose to the 90 over years as informed by my vendor and her agent.

So in a huff and a puff, me told the agent and vendor to get their facts right.
Vendor was also shocked when she got confirmation from the developer, that the master title indeed only had 79 years left on the lease.

Vendor was told when she bought the property that there was still 99 years on the lease. But now the developer does not want to take responsibility for what their sales people represented to the initial buyers.

And here is the odd thing. When the management office of the condo was contacted, they still maintained that there was 94 years left on the lease.

So now, I have to decide if I want to continue with the purchase or terminate it on misrepresentation. At least 3 years of law didn't totally rot away.
But to come so close....

So now housing developers too are there on my list of despicable scumbags.

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