Monday, June 13, 2011

Balik China

Great Wall. Photo has not been retouched. 
Not too long ago (ehem, April), I finally visited Beijing, as luck would have it - during the short weeks of Spring.  As winter quickly melts to sweltering summer there, Spring makes a very short but treasured cameo appearance.

And its hard not to fall in love with the city when even the weather is generous to a fault. The air was crisp enough for everyone to beam with rosy cheeks and still the sun shone against skies so blue, it made hearts lift.

Before the trip, I expected to be awed by finally experiencing all that I had read and learnt in my Asian History classes. Just like how I was totally blown away  when I walked through the exhibits at the Louvre once upon a long time ago going oh I know this  and wow,  I remember that.

What I did not expect was feeling an immense sense of belonging and identity. And perhaps even pride.

Walking down the same cobbled pavements as long dead emperors, looking up at monuments so breathtakingly beautiful and ancient, made by a people who lived through invasion, glory, starvation, rebellion and triumph. A kingdom my ancestors called home.

Its awesome, the realization that I am the legacy of a long line of people  whose destinies at one point or another were determined by Sons of Heaven whose gates I now walk through.

Its a homecoming to my heritage.
And what a magnificent heritage it is.

Temple of Heaven  

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jo said...

love em blue skies! more photos! when i went, it was grey rainy skies, hazy and well, all the wrong ingredients for photography.