Monday, December 08, 2014


8 December - Doha. 

I dont think I have ever felt so tired. The flight was long and uneventful. 
I am halfway through my 8 hour layover and I am trying not to sleep so that I can exhaust myself for the coming 14 hours flight out. 

I saw a guy in a tartan kilt at transfers. pretty random. 

it is certainly no wonder at all why some refuse to do these intercontinental flights. Next time I would do a layover of a day in London en route to the US. Not that it would cut short the time but that I could have an actual bed for the night. and tea with scones and clotted cream.  

after a horrible start to the journey, I am still not feeling it.  I think its the exhaustion so far. 
waiting for the euphoria to kick in.

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