Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why so serious?

I dont normally do movie reviews.  Many others are much better at it.

However, I am compelled to write about this.

Suicide Squad.

The critics were right - the movie sucked. And yes, I did go a second time just to confirm that it indeed sucked.

Yet while there was hardly any plot to dig into, the movie does have some super awesome scenes. It's like a collection of scenes which had colour and sound and attitude - damn, made me wanna go get a Glock bat right after the show.  

I am pretty sure that had not most of the scenes played by Jared Leto been left on the cutting floor, it would be a movie about Mr J.

But more than anything, Joker removing his jacket and falling into the chemical vat after Harley - has to be the sexiest scene I have encountered. God dammit. That is how you make a mind fuck so sexy.

Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power.

Poyo but still, I read that in the Joker's voice. Did you?

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