Thursday, February 01, 2007

Makeover shakeover

I have been hanging around the guys for too long. What little fashion sense I had dissolved along the way and now that I am back in the PR industry, I look like the Queen Mother among the Uma Thurmans, sans the gloves and royal sophistication of course.

It does not help that my Director only shops at Starhill, my manager is super gorgeous, and our secretary has three kids yet looks like a Malay pop idol. Oh, and I will be working closely with 3 immaculate ladies who are ex-cabin crew.

Now let me slither back under the rock where I came from.

I never really felt the need to be dolled up to go to work but now I wonder if I am an anomaly. I grudgingly admit that it is natural to be attracted to a beauty instead of a toad, regardless of her valuable expertise in Powerpoint, branding and copy-editing.

Before comments start coming in, I tell you, I am NOT overreacting. I have been so busy trying to make my employers look good that I neglect the walking advertisement that I am. (Currently the message I am sending out is along the lines of Will Work for Rebonding.)

Perhaps it might be a good idea to stop looking like a cabbage when I step into the office.
Nothing is as miserable as longing to go shopping when one is broke. Plus I have another problem. How do you conjure up fashion sense?

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trix said...

omfg. the mid-life crisis thing is here... omfg.