Sunday, January 28, 2007

A little bit of nothing

I like my job quite a lot. This was exactly what I said about my last job. I ended up hating every moment of it. So this is the sickening lull before the storm. I am waiting for my exuberance to choke me in mid-sentence.

I am terrified of confrontations. While I think I can stand up for myself, my nerves get so twisted that I end up screaming and creating a scene. I can get so angry that I cry! Yeah, real professional like.

Like any self respecting citizen, I loath people taking advantage of me, which of course covers everyone from blooming taxi drivers to bossy colleagues. Why can’t everyone just be nice?

I should stop referring to The Company at the risk of being Dooced. Especially since The Company is not only making me sign a non-disclosure agreement, I also have to have it witnessed and stamped. Stamping makes a document official. So official in fact that if can be produced in court as it is without having to prove the maker or signatories. (Once a lawyer, the trauma stays for life.)

With that information in mind, I think ye be not doing anything so stupid as to blog about thy job. Off the record, it is killing me though.

So what do I tell you about my week that does not involve work. Hmm. I will need to get back to you on that

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