Thursday, January 04, 2007


Being cooped up with broadband is cool.
Being cooped up with a connection speed that predates 1997 (when dial-up ruled Malaysian soil) is, in a nutshell, FREAKING AGONY.

That naturally speaks volumes of how much I, and I would guess pretty much the rest of the nation have totally taken broadband for granted. Even with Telekom using back-up channels, speeds are nowhere near normal.

And on the subject of contingency plans or rather the lack there of, I wonder if we are really capable of coping when oil runs out, or clean water for that matter. I guess the last petrol increase scared enough people out of their wits to consider alternatives.

It’s not rocket science. We know that oil will run out. And so will clean water. And that the ice caps will melt and wipe out a kazillion people.

While they make great fodder for any General Paper/English essay, you would think that surely there is somebody out there looking out for us. All those science experts and the UN, and there’s NASA and of course, the world governments, surely SOMEONE has a plan.

Having spoken with some people who have worked/is working for the UN, sadly most of the time altruism gives way to bureaucracy. Regional contingency plans can’t even be seamlessly integrated due to governments unwilling to share information and what more resources. I guess it is only human to be most generous after a catastrophe. I can’t stand it when you can’t see the good for the red tape. Perhaps it is a good thing the UN binned my job application. I don't think I can handle the politiking.

Which brings me back to the question, is there anyone looking out for the rest of us?

I am a cynic. You know my thoughts already.

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