Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guess What I Got In My Freezer

Its not just simply Ben & Jerry's. Its Chubby Hubby (no, it’s not your first thot, it’s a flavour) that had me hitting every 7-11 in the entire PJ in vain yonks ago.  Chubby Hubby is happiness in a 1 pint tub.

Forget the sophistication of liquid gold, this is warm your cockles-snuggle in bed - childhood exuberance - forget about sharing - comfortable pajama wearing - favourite sitcom accompanying - good old fashion fun. 

Chubby Hubby has its own Wikipedia listing by the way. 

Quoting Wiki: The ice cream flavor consists of pretzel nuggets, which are covered in fudge and filled with peanut butter, in a vanilla malt ice cream base, which is itself swirled with fudge and peanut butter throughout.

Chubby Hubby was amongst the first few flavours introduced in Malaysia some, oh 8 years ago. It shared freezer space with Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Oh, and Vanilla (like why bother?). Naturally Chubby Hubby was the most elusive and for a time, it completely disappeared. As Ben & Jerry's became more accessible at Cold Storage and Jusco stores, Chubby Hubby never made a comeback. 

Until Now.

And it brought friends! 

Available at Bangsar Village Grocer’s! 

So Jo, when you free? The one my freezer is um, spoken for. In drool. Sorry. 

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why is there a cat on your blog?! that so...ugh.