Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Last Friday was just spectacular!  

The folks at work had a cookout at my mate's pad at The Maple. 

6 girls and a gay man,  great view of KL,  trashy TV, bestest pasta ever (thank you Faye) and delirious non-stop chatter. How can anything go wrong? The only thing that did go wrong was that we forgot to fry the hash browns. 

After an evening of insightful conversations on good looking men, which celeb has the best lips and how fat kimora lee simmons has become, we adjourned to share our fabulousness with the rest of KL. 

Pulse at Menara Millennium is currently THE place, or so I am told. Was pretty shocked to see half of hospital there.  It was to my abject horror that we met members of my upper management there as well. But then, we all got in free courtesy of them and one of our managers even sponsored a bottle for me. Which was so sweet! A generous gesture going by how the clubs are robbing patrons by the way they are charging for liquor. 

There was a live band who played the familiar hits. General crowd pleasers although nothing groundbreaking. Honestly I kinda like the band at Zeta better. The crowd was old enough to make me feel young. The company I was with made it awesome with more people from work joining in, be it in celebration of my departure or the conclusion of JCI accreditation or just needing a reason to tell the spouse that it’s an office party. 

My joints have not forgiven my stilettos and now begins the task of removing incriminating photos.  

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