Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Look! We are doing something! Look!

One thing about small nation politics is that when it comes to international matters it is terribly important to us to be perceived as if we are saviours, the last bastion of hope. Like a kid that goes "look at me, mommy", we have a tendency to create much fuss about the very little we do. 

While we condemn the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding in Gaza, our papers are filled with one politician after another renouncing and threatening and holding press conferences on how we are 'GOING to petition a special session of the UN general assembly.  Malaysian Red Crescent Society is GOING to send a medical team of a total of THREE doctors. In the coming OIC meeting, Malaysia WILL propose the formation " of a group to channel Palestinian views and to oversee peacekeeping efforts in the region" (like how obviously vague can you be.) 

Note that its always the proposals and plans that get wide newspaper coverage. Just send them already and get the job done. You can blow your trumpet later of how magnificent Malaysia is and pat out backs till we suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. But engage already and let the deeds, and fruits of the efforts do the talking.  

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