Sunday, October 16, 2005


We work for money and weekends. I can stay couped up within the four walls of the room for days in my pajamas in blissfully contentment. Besides calls from my mother who rings to see if I am still alive, I enjoy peaceful weekends of not doing anything productive. I wonder how long this will last.

I am still presiding over my parent's peace plans and I am happy to report that diplomatic relations have been re-established. There is hope for a fragile peace.Not unlike the situation at the West Bank, drastic relocation of people and personal property will occur and a long term solution has yet to be found. Sigh. I hate it when parents fight.

I was reminded of my responsibilities of being the eldest child, and it freaks me out. Responsibilities entail sacrifice and that does not sound very welcoming. Being an adult with a conscience really sucks. I would make a horrible parent.

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GingerStep said...

I often feel this way. Sigh!