Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Morbid hangover

Living has turned into a quest for survival. And surviving is a terrible way to live. Yet millions do it everyday.

How wearisome.

Personally I am convinced that we are entering the Dark Ages again although not in terms of technological advancement as even the blind knows that we are indeed catapulting forward.
But we are growing progressively deprived of development in the area of humanity.

When we would readily make exorbitant payments to our manicurists than to the coffers of a charity, I begin to wonder the point of progress. Truly, we extol entertainers more than we award humanitarians.

And despite the education, technology and various resources, we still have not been able to root out fascism, hunger and disease.

Oh, I miss learning about inventors and the great achievements of our time. We get healthier through the breakthrough drugs from GlazoSmithKline and jive to Apple's Nano but the only faces we see are that of beaming CEOs with skyrocketing charts and lifestyle models pouting their way into our wallets.

I do wonder who will the kids of the 22 century learn about in our age? The future history e-books will have so little to celebrate about The Man as oppose to The Company.

But hope comes in surprising little packages. When despite the bleakness, faith is renewed and I see acts of love and unselfishness from the most unlikely of places. By the very same people who get by, just surviving. I suppose that is all that can be expected. Forget the government. Forget corporate social responsibility. In the end it is just you and me, helping each other making our lives a little brighter.

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