Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am moving!

Out I tumble from the tiny snail shell of room in hot and happening Bangsar to a hacienda in Kelana Jaya.

Ok, maybe not the rustic mansion with fiery bougainvillea overflowing the balconies and a stable boy called Paulo. That is still in my head.

Actually it is just a sweet apartment at the penthouse level with a view of a highway (though if you look out the window and cock your head 15 degrees due north-west, you may catch a glimpse of the swimming pool.)

I am signing the tenancy today! I would be looking for a housemate. Not easy business this looking for a new housemate thing. If I though my pervious landlord was tough, now that I am in her position too, I can understand her paranoia.

What if the new person is a cheat/liar/homicidal axe murderer? What will I do if I catch her/him eating MY last cookie? If it's a woman, what if she hits on my boyfriend? If its a guy, what if he hits on Me? What if he/she brings their partners home and have sex too loudly that they distress the people downstairs?

Shucks, when it comes to interviewing my future housemate, I think it would qualify as an inquisition.

I think I need to relax more.

Then there is all that furniture to buy. I think I should start buing the lottery.

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