Friday, September 08, 2006

Ready, Set, GRIMACE

I attended another job interview 2 days ago just to get initiated with the company. Located quite out of the way, this is one major Chinaman enterprise and I was quite surprised that a panel of 6 people was there to interview humble old me for this position that really ought not have required so much formality. Present were the GM and even the Chariman no less.

It was a very intimidating and uncomfortable experience certainly. I got the impression that they aren't very pleased that I am leaving a "honourable" profession to join them. Most of the questions hinged on the legal side oddly.

While I was not afraid, I wanted out immediately. I felt that they blocked out the sun with their sullenness. Like, how much would it cost to smile? One guy silently left the room when I was there and didn't return until I was about finished. I thought that was very rude. The Chairman ( a Datuk) would not even make eye contact with me!
Upon leaving the place I bet my long sigh of relief was heard even in Toronto. I won't go back there even if you gave me a winning racehorse.

Postscript: They called me back to say that I didn't make the cut. Pity. I would have loved the opportunity of turning them down.

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