Saturday, September 16, 2006

Through rose-tinted glasses

I knew this would happen.
I just knew it.

I complete my chambering yesterday and as expected I am feeling all sentimental about it. Not to mention experiencing severe doubts as to whether I am prepared to leave this profession.

Despite all its shortcomings, I readily agree that it is a profession whose members are intrinsically bound by a deep sense of fraternity, solidarity and resounding pride. It is not unlike an exclusive club whose membership is by baptism of fire. Entrails before entry.

Legal study is punishing, practice is damning and remuneration is shameful, as you probably know by now from my bitter confessions on this blog over the last few months.

Nevertheless in true fashion time has diluted my loathing for the legal system somewhat. In the last few weeks as I manoeuvred the labyrinth that is the Magistrate Courts, I became aware of a surprising yet not unpleasant sense of belonging. And there is this unspoken understanding that while I am crossing swords with opposing counsel, I am still only duelling with a colleague.

I will never forget the day I got severely scolded by my Pupil Master for bringing two versions of an affidavit instead of just one for her approval. I was sharply criticised for not making my own decision and defending my choice.
“Because you are Counsel!”, she shrieked.


I am Counsel.

I will be called to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in late October. I have won my place in this fraternity and oh yeah, the pride is certainly resounding.

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