Friday, September 29, 2006

Talk to the Hen

I seem to be writing less on leave than when I was working. I am tired out from running around getting people to sign my papers for my call to the bar, typing affidavits, making eyes at the commissioner of oaths, filing the darn papers at the High Court, serving them on the different legal entities, then affirming my affidavits of service which I had to then file into court again.

So my two weeks of purported leisure just went swoosh!

I start work next Monday and I have not gotten over my relief at having completed my court marathon to begin worrying about my new job like e.g. “what if my new co-workers hate me” or ‘‘what if the company is actually a set up for a multi million dollar money laundering operation” or “what if I forget how to spell diarrhoea again”.

And yes, I have begun to miss the legal firm.
This is indeed chicken shit.
I can never be happy.

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