Monday, December 11, 2006

The Complete Blackadder

I got myself a Blackadder DVD boxset and I am such a happy camper. Sarcasm and insults take on a whole new level when one is dealing with Edmund Blackadder. I have been coveting this for as long as I can remember. The collection traces the exploits of Blackadder in 5 generations. It is basically the same cast featured in different periods settings.

I think that English comedy with the likes of Blackadder is so successful because the writers were given the task of entertaining their audience who do not take too kindly to having their intelligence insulted with excessive slapstick and rude humour.

Hence I was surprised to find it in Low Yat.

Of course Rowan Atkinson is brilliant as Edmund. There is something terminally sexy about a scowling man in a full court dress. And then there's Tony Robinson who played Baldrick, Edmund's whipping boy. He managed to look like a peasant in all the 4 series. I don't think I could recognise him clean. It was mostly to Baldrick that most of Edmund's venomous insults were spewed at. The series comes highly recomended and once K gets his DVD burner, I am backing up this baby for posterity!

I sign off with this snippet. Its much funnier on screen sadly.

Melchett : Unhappily Blackadder, the Lord High Executioner is dead.
Blackadder : Oh woe! Murdered of course.
Melchett : No, oddly enough no. They usually are but this one just got careless one night and signed his name on the wrong dotted line. They came for him while he slept.

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