Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why do you want to work here?

Today I went for an interview for a PR position in a big college.
Upon my post-interview dissection I cringed a million cringes thinking over some of the answers I had to make up on the spot.

I was asked about my flaws. You mean besides the fact that I am as blunt as a rock and as confident as a sloth? I feel like such a floozy overcompensating for my lack of experience, lack of panache and lack of control over my mouth. I was experiencing verbal diarrhoea in hyberdrive. Yeah, reeeeall smooth.

If my ancestors were looking over my shoulders, they would have hid their faces in brown paper bags.

You live and learn, they say. From this experience I have learn that I need to down a couple of shots of vodka before I attend any interviews.

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