Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scissors in the City

Today I lopped off 3 inches of my tresses.

I have sworn off those posh hair salons after Kool Kuts in Bangsar Village actually charged me RM70 for a wash which totally drenched my collar and a trim that nobody noticed.
I felt so ripped off.

Then I had the misfortune of going to La Bell on Jalan Telawi where the shampoo girl almost ripped by scalp off and the stylists ganged up on me to tell me how I was starting to bald.. and oh what luck, she had just the solution. For just under RM400 I could delay my moulting and save my crowning glory. Of course when I sought a second opinion from the Loreal Paris concept store the stylist rolled his eyes when I asked if I had a bald spot.

So today I got my haircut at QQ CUT at Mid Valley for RM12 for 12 minutes. So I don't look like Jennifer Aniston but I see nothing wrong in looking like a handsome sheepdog with my shag.

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