Saturday, May 03, 2008

Craving for the week

Putu mayam.

And its not been only a week, its been almost two weeks.

There was this one chap at bangsar pasar malam that used to sell it. Now that the night market is no more, my putu mayam is also no more.

Actually the guy may have been selling putu bambu. Even more mouthwatering! Hot steaming rice putu
lovingly cocooned in bamboo. Heck if the philistines had this in their kitchens, Delilah could have just saved herself the trouble of seducing Samson. Just bring out the putu. Its temptation in banana leaves.

At Jusco One Utama, there is this stall selling putu piring. The stall is manned by a middle aged Indonesian lady, with compulsory white cap and apron. I know that cleanliness is next to godliness but, in terms of street food context, sterility is very suspect. The set up is just too clean.

And I mean the ibu no disrespect, but would she know the essence of what makes putu the fare of the masses, the favourite of children and the craving of Cass? It requires a generous hand, course hand grated coconut speckled with husk and most importantly - love. There should not be a lack of lurve, baby.

Yes I take my putu seriously.

I was right. The putu from jusco tak sedap.

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