Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travel on a raffia string

Its out in the news that AirAsia X will start its flights to London in March next year. And it will cost only about RM1,200 for a return trip on an economy ticket.

Economy .. on a budget airline...on a long haul flight ....sounds painful to be honest but if one is willing to sacrifice a limb to thrombosis or willing to smuggle pork dumplings on board for sustenance then, boy oh boy this sounds like a great deal.

This comes from someone who is willing to contemplate a DHL jumbo box as means of travel. I am a self confessed a shoe string/raffia string traveler who has no qualms sleeping in a converted prison because there was nothing cheaper. (this was in Lucerne, by the way. Beautiful city, bloody expensive though)

But I mean why travel to Hong Kong when you can travel to London for the same price? (if you discount the losing of a limb) I'll blow my money at the West End and
survive on 2 quids worth of chips everyday.
London smog. Here I come.

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