Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kolam 101

There is good money to be made from Kolam drawing. All you need is rice - beras hancur is good, poster colour and a real steady hand. For a decent RM200 you can get yourself a pretty blue peacock to grace the entrance of your hall/shopping centre/bank/weapons silo, whatever rocks your boat.  

Drawn on auspicious occassions, kolams are decorative symbols of welcome especially to usher the Goddess Lakshimi, the goddess of prosperity. Don't think its only the Chinese who have their Choy San. She is usually depicted as the 4 armed goddess with coins of gold raining from her palms. Evocative indeed.      

Anyhow The Establishment engaged a professional, a Mr Mohan to do up a kolam befitting the festive season and he did a pretty good job. So for all you kolam enthusiasts out there with bagfuls of rice your mothers have no use for, here is how to recreate your own professional looking kolam. 


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