Thursday, October 02, 2008

Public Message

To those who know me personally, they know this well - I don't do pink. Ever.

Well until now.

If I can pink up my website, thankfully just one now instead of two, this is serious stuff. Because I hate pink. But I find that the message behind Pink October too important to let my visual preferences colour my desire to get involve, and get YOU involved, in talking about and thinking about Breast Cancer.

My mom used to work in a Breast Clinic and I work now with colleagues who are breast cancer specialists. It is heartbreaking. It is scary. But it can be cured. There is Hope. During Pink October we also celebrate the lives and struggle of breast cancer survivors in Malaysia.

So Educate Yourself. It can save your mom/sis/daughter/wife/girlfriend/ YOUR life. Find out more at MAKNA

Because this is really important.

I hate pink.

But I love you.

So be aware and take care of the ones you love. Yourself especially. And do that self breast exam dammit. Of get ur bf/gf to do it. Rowrr. See.. incentive!

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pelf said...

Since you've already gone pink, perhaps you'd also like to also take part in our month-long contest?

There is also a "Share Your Story" segment where you can share a true story, or encourage your friend/family/neighbour/colleague to share theirs.

Head on to Pink for October website for more details! :D

(fellow Malaysian)