Sunday, November 02, 2008

World Animal Day 2008

We arrived at about 4-ish. Relatively well attended, the parties that were present were SPCA of course, PAWS, WWF, pet stores, etc. Good to see so many young people getting involved in saving the critters. There were dogs and cats for adoption. However according to a volunteer, adoption was slow. They only managed to find homes for a puppy and a few cats. Still, that is a more few homeless animals with people to care for them now.

Many people brought their pets as a show of support. We saw plenty of huskies. And a fair share of toy dogs. Being a fan of big dogs, I got acquainted with a very sweet tempered Afghan who looks just like the caricature in 101 Dalmatians. And he is a huge dog with eyes that would melt wood. Yet there was this one pooch who was walking around with a plaster on its ear because it had the misfortune of calling the Afghan a sissy. Heh. Well I speculate, anyway. This Afghan was rescued and homed by this wonderful lady by the name of Yen, a dog Samaritan.

The event ended with musical performances which included the gorgeous Honey Madu and uber talented Dose Two. Because though it was pretty late and the rain came to shower its support as well, whatever it is the lingering staff had a good time.

And beyond the galaxy or at least from Cineleisure Damansara, a different species came to grace the occasion. I hope they did not scare the visitors/pets. Although a pregnant Padme had me taken aback.
For a small donation that goes to SPCA, one can take pictures with the Starwars' cast for one's blog for one's friends to take the completely mickey. Nevertheless, for their guts in championing a good cause, I salute them (and curi-curi take pictures). I know, I have no shame. What, I bought an umbrella at a premium. So I kinda I paid my dues..

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