Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To infinity and a fatter paycheck

Only 3 weeks more and I am outta of a job. 

And then its on to the next one. I am having the hebee jebees now.  After 2 years of being queen of my heap, now I will be at bottom rung again. Yup, in a TOTALLY different industry. Again. 

A rolling stone gathers no moss or even bonuses but then loyalty has never been my strong point. Shame on me. But show me a loyal monster and I will show you one who is hiding it well. Having the attention span of a fish, its so easy to be bored.  Not always fun. 

Hopefully this new job will usher in a new era of excitement, satisfaction and rewards. And no more having to rub shoulders with people in the bigger PR pool who exude as much genuine warmth as a something from a Mattel assembly line.     

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