Monday, November 24, 2008

Email sent to Rapid KL

Dear Sir/Madam 

I would like to relate an incident that happened today as I was using the LRT putra from Kelana Jaya to KLCC at about 8 am this the morning. I managed to obtain a seat and as I was wearing a dress, naturally the back of my knees was touching the edge of the seat. 

After 5 minutes the back of both my knees started to itch. Within 15 minutes, the areas of the skin touching the seat has become red, inflamed and extremely itchy. I had to get off my seat as it was progressively getting worse. The lady who took my seat was wearing a baju kurung and she did not suffer any discomfort. 

By the time I disembarked at KLCC, the swollen area had grown from the size of a 20 sen coin to the size of my palm. I rushed to the emergency department of a hospital and was told that I had an allergic reaction to what may be chemicals left on the seat. I had to be given 2 injections and medication to ease the itching and control the inflammation and I had to be given medical leave. 

It is very strange that this happened and as I have not experienced this before, I would hope that this is an isolated incident. I would like to inquire how often does your cleaning crew wipe down the seats and if chemicals and harsh detergents were used in the cleaning?  Nevertheless, I would like to highlight this to you so that you are able to take precautionary measures to avoid this happening to passengers again.  

I hope to hear from you soon.

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