Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Me This

Google has been changing their logo/masthead to mark specific events in history for some time now, generating millions of hits for the cause selected. Like when Google celebrated Braille’s birthday with a cluster of dots. Loved it loved it loved it. No doubt there would be groups that would raise hell and high water to get theirs dates of consequence celebrated in all googlised glory. And I am glad Google is not going down the commercial highway of hell by offering the spot to the highest bidder.

Here is an interesting
article on it.

My favourite masthead is the Braille one above. And this comes a close second. In celebration of Nikola Tesla's birthday on Friday.

As much as I would like to attribute my facination to my deep reverence for the history and development of physics, I admit that I was first introduced to the comrade through the Soviet’s badass Tesla coils which are highly effective in frying Allied butts to a crisp in the one of the best time wasters of all time - Command and Conquer.

Who says you don’t learn anything from gaming? Plus it’s a great guy magnet. But ladies, it HAS to be Real Time Strategy with awesome graphics and mindless violence. These days it’s even better if it’s MMORPG. Kick ass and win friends. SIMS does not qualify regardless of the number of time you could WooHoo.

(*Qualifier: I only date geeks. If you are thinking of hooking up with Sean Combs, note that this does not apply. Try implants instead.)

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